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Delivery video of aluminum plastic recycling and separation machine customized by Indonesian customer

This video shows the delivery site of small scale aluminum plastic recycling separation machine ordered by Indonesian customer. In the video you can also see Doing’s workers cooperated with each other and carefully placed each part of the machine on the truck. In order to prevent scratches and collisions, workers also fixed it with foam and ropes.

Later, this small scale aluminum plastic recycling separation machine will be sent to the port and sent to the customer's factory. After the machine arrives at the customer's factory, we will provide on-site installation, commissioning, operation training and other services to avoid you installation and operation troubles.

Aluminum plastic recycling separation machineAluminum plastic recycling separation machine

This Indonesian customer wanted to purchase a small scale aluminum plastic recycling separation machine to process waste aluminum plastic foil to make a profit. Taking into account factors such as business scale and raw materials, he finally decided to purchase an aluminum plastic crushing and recycling machine with a processing capacity of 200-300kg/h.

Besides, DOING aluminum plastic recycling separation machine also can be used to separate aluminum plastic panel, medical blister, toothpaste tube, etc. It adopts new technology dry type crushing and separating method to process aluminum composite materials without any pollution. The separation rate of aluminum plastic recycling and separation machine is as high as 99%, and the quality and price of separated aluminum and plastic are very nice.

Aluminum plastic composite materialsAluminum plastic composite materials

Henan Doing Company is specialized in waste recycling machine more than thirteen years, and we have own high qualified engineer team. If you are interested in aluminum plastic recycling business, welcome to contact us for more details.

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