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How do I start aluminum plastic recycling business?

Nowadays, more and more customers are interested in the aluminum plastic recycling business, which is mainly to process waste aluminum plastic composite materials to recycle the aluminum out for profit. And now also many customers have entered into this business. So for the new customers, here we will have a talk of how to start aluminum plastic recycling business to help them have a general understanding of this recycling business.

aluminum plastic separation machine 3D picture of aluminum plastic separation machine

To start the aluminum plastic recycling business, you need to have waste aluminum plastic composite raw materials to recycle, aluminum plastic recycling machine to process, manpower to operate and land to set up the machine.

First about the raw materials, waste medical blister, waste aluminum plastic panels, waste aluminum foil and waste aluminum plastic packaging are all waste aluminum plastic composite materials. And the aluminum plastic separation machine can process them all to separate the aluminum and plastic. So you can collect any of above as the raw materials for your aluminum plastic recycling business.

aluminum plastic separation machine Aluminum plastic composite metarials

Then is the aluminum plastic rseparation machine, which is the core of the whole aluminum plastic recycling business. So it’s important for customers to choose one good machine to start the business, and also very welcome for your visiting in our factory to test the machine for your check.

aluminum plastic separation machine Aluminum plastic separation machine and the separated aluminum

Then about our machine, it’s totally dry type physical separation in the whole process, so don’t need to worry about pollution produced. Only there is some dust, but there will be duct collector to clean it. And the separation rate of the aluminum plastic separation machine could be reaching to above 99%, which makes the purity of aluminum separated very pure, usually could be directly sold at a good market price. And the machine is working fully automatically, so only needs 1-2 persons to operate the machine. Furthermore the machine we designed is compact, so it will not occupy a too big land. Thus it will be much easier for you to find a land to set up the machine to start the aluminum plastic recycling business too.

aluminum plastic separation machine DOING aluminum plastic separation machine

In all, actually aluminum plastic recycling business is easy to start, but the point is to choose the right aluminum plastic separation machine so that it could work well for you to make longtime profit. So about the machine, any more information you want to know, just feel free to contact us DOING.


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