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What should be paid attention to when buying aluminum plastic separation machine?

Aluminum plastic separation recycling business has always received much attention because its low investment and high return. Since last year, due to the out break of COVID-19, medical industry has produced a lot of waste aluminum plastic plates.Under this condition, the aluminum plastic separation recycling industry has become more popular. However, I believe that many recyclers do not know how to choose aluminum plastic separation recycling machine. Professionals tell us: we need to pay attention to the recovery rate, configuration and quality of aluminum plastic separation recycling machines. Only in this way can we carry out aluminum plastic separation recycling business for a long time.

aluminum plastic separation recycling machineWhat should be paid attention when buying aluminum plastic separation recycling machine

Just right, our company has produced the aluminum plastic separation recycling machine that possesses the advantages above mentioned can eliminate your worries.

First and furthermost, the recycling rate should be high.Only under the high recycling rate, can we earn a big profit from the aluminum plastic recycling business.Our aluminum plastic separation recycling machine has equipped with water cooling to avoid the raw materials being melting during the grinding process .Besides that, the machine equipped with electrostatic separator, which insure the above 99% recycling rate of aluminum and plastic.

Secondly, the configuration of aluminum plastic separation recycling machine is an vital factor of people buying it. Grinder and electrostatic separator are the most important of the aluminum plastic separation machine configurations. As we know, there are different kinds of aluminum plastic composite materials, and in order to achieve high recovery rate, the grinder equipped in the processing line will be different too. Grinder is used to grind the materials so that the aluminum and plastic mixture could separate totally. About the electrostatic separator, it’s professional machine to separate metals and non-metals mixture. Besides that, our aluminum plastic separation recycling machine euipped with pulse dust collector and eddy-vibrating screen, so you din't woory about the configuration of the machine if you buy our machine.

Last but not least, we should be concerned about the quality of aluminum plastic separation recycling machine.If the machine has a long service life, we will engage in the recycling business longer, too. The crusher of our machine adopts SKD-11 alloy tool, its hardness and toughness are high, so it has a long service life to guarantee your long development of recycling aluminum plastic business.

Hoping that you will have a better business in recycling aluminum and plastic.Have any doubts about the aluminum plastic recycling machine, please contact us as soon as possible, we will try our best help you to solve your problems about buying the recycling machine.

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