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Small PCB board recycling machine for sale

Doing small PCB board recycling machine has a processing capacity of 100-150 kg/hour. This set of small PCB board recycling machines is more suitable for people who are new to PCB board recycling business because of its low investment and high profit.

Small PCB board recycling machineSmall PCB board recycling machine

Application area of small PCB board recycling machine:

The small PCB board recycling machine adopts physical recycling process to separate and recover metals and non-metals from waste PCB boards, which can process all kinds of waste circuit boards like computer boards, TV boards, printed circuit boards, copper-clad laminates, various waste electrical boards and other waste materials.

Technical parameter of small PCB board recycling machine:

Processing Capacity (kg)100-150kg/h
Overall Size (mm)8000*6000*4200mm
Power (Kw)42Kw
Weight (kg)6000kg
Recovery Rate≥99%

Features of small PCB board recycling machine:

1.High rate of metal recovery: Electricity choose separation efficiency is as high as 99.9%, finished products can be directly put on the market.

2.PLC control system makes it easier to control the whole line, the negative pressure feeding system prevents the dust from running out.

3.Integrated structure, easy to install and debug, convenient to transport, stable performance.

4.Blade and screen use special wear resistance and high toughness alloy material, the blade is strong and durable.

5.Saving power, saving manpower.

6.No pollution, due to the pulse dust removal system.

The processing process of small PCB recycling machine:

Step 1: PCB board dismantling machine

The PCB board dismantling machine is used to separate electronic components from the PCB board and then obtain the bare board. But if your raw materials is bare boards, this PCB board dismantling machine is not necessary.

The configuration of small PCB board recycling machineThe configuration of small PCB board recycling machine

Step 2: PCB boards shredding and crushing

Shredder and crusher break PCB boards into small particles. For the first shredder, we choose a double-shaft shredder. The size of the broken pieces is about 20mm. Next, the second crusher is a granulator that processes the PCB board pieces into 2 mm particles.

Step 3: Separate the metal and non-metal powder

The PCB particles will be separated by air separator and electrostatic separator. Our PCB board recycling machine adopts physical crushing and separation methods, which can separate metal and nonmetal efficiently without any chemical and wastewater pollution. High-voltage electrostatic separation combined with air separation technology can purify about 99% of metal powder.

The usages of final products :

Generally speaking, most customers will choose to sell mixed metals directly because it is convenient and profitable. A small number of customers choose to extract and refine precious metals to obtain gold, silver, copper, platinum and other high-priced metals in order to obtain more benefits. Resin fiber can not only be sold to some factories, especially for processing resin powder, but can also be further ground into resin tiles, building brick fillers, floor paint, etc.

The usage of final productsThe usage of final products

Considering the different needs of customers, our company provide gold stripping machine, precious metal separating and refining machine and copper electrolysis machine for further metal extracting and refining.

DOING Company has more than thirteen years of professional experience, specializing in waste recycling machinery. If you want to start PCB recycling business and purchase a set of PCB board recycling machine, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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