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Electronic waste precious metal extraction machine adopts mechanical crushing, physical sorting and other technical processes, which can extract metal from e-waste and use it to manufacture new electronic products or for recycling. The entire process is low-noise and dust-free, making it a very good production line for circuit board recycling.

Scope of Application:

The electronic scrap precious metal extraction machine is used to separate and recover metals and non-metals from waste circuit boards and electronic components.

Waste circuit boards contains: computer boards, TV boards, printed circuit boards, copper-clad laminates, various waste circuit boards, and other waste materials. Electronic components include chips, north and south bridges, MLCC, RAM, etc.

Raw materialsRaw materials

Electronic waste precious metal extraction machine process:

Part1: Dismantling

PCB dismantling machine is used for dismantling the electronic components from waste circuit boards and further process the bare boards. The electronic components can be sold directly or further process to obtain gold, copper and so on.

PCB dismantling machinePCB dismantling machine

Part2: Mechanical Crushing and Physical Sorting

Adapting mechanical crushing and physical sorting technology, electronic waste precious metal extraction machine can separate and recycle metal, resin and fiber powder from waste circuit boards.

PCB crushing and separation machinePCB crushing and separation machine

This crushing and sorting production line is consists of a double-shaft shredder, hammerhead crusher, magnetic separator, hammer crusher, air and electronic separator and pulse dust collector. Through sufficient crushing and multiple sorting, the separating rate of metal can reach 99%.

If you want to obtain mixed metal, the first two processing steps are sufficient. But if you want to make more profits, it is recommended to add relevant precious metal refining equipment.

Part3: Precious metal separating and refining

The gold stripping machine, copper electrolysis system and precious metals separating and refining machine are the most efficient and advanced precious metal refining equipment on the market.

The gold stripping machine is used to strip gold from various gold-plated scraps, such as waste phone circuit boards, CPUs, RAM, etc. With it, the gold recovery rate is as high as 99%, and high-purity gold can be obtained after further refining.

The disassembled electronic components, such as chips, north and south bridges, etc., are baked with ozone, the residue is roasted with a soluble carrier, and the gold, platinum and palladium are extracted by leaching the medium. Copper electrolysis system is used for refine the copper from the mixed metal powder, the purity of finished copper is as high as 99%.

Electronic waste precious metal extraction machine's features:

The advantages of electronic waste precious metal extraction machineThe advantages of electronic waste precious metal extraction machine

1.Highly automated operating procedures that significantly reduce labor costs.

2.Blade and screen use special wear resistance and high toughness alloy material, the blade is strong and durable.

3.Adopting mechanical crushing and physical sorting technology, safety and environmental protection, greatly reducing environmental pollution.

4.The precious metals (gold, silver, palladium, platinum) recycling rate of can reach 97%-99% and the value is high.

5.Integrated structure, stable performance, low power consumption, low noise.

If you're prepared to invest the time and effort, scrap circuit boards can be a valuable source of income. Henan Doing Company is specialized in waste recycling machine more than thirteen years, and we have own high qualified engineer team. Welcome to contact us to know more details about electronic waste precious metal extraction machine, and we will provide the best solution according to your requirements and raw materials.

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