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Why radiator recycling machine become more and more popular?

As radiator recycling machine can separate copper and aluminum from waste radiators quickly and directly, with high separation rate and environmental protection, so it’s more and more popular among people recent years.

Recently, with the development of life standard, the uses of air conditioner radiator and car is increasing, therefore, the amount of waste radiators and car water tanks are also increasing. People choose to process waste radiators and car water tanks by radiator recycling machine, due to the high labor cost.

Acturally, there are two types of machine which can be used to recycling waste radiators. One is the small scale radiator separator equipment, and the other is large scale radiator recycling machine. Each of these two machines has its own advantages.

Small scale radiator separator equipment:

samll scale radiator separator equipmentSmall scale radiator separator equipment

Small scale radiator separator equipment is used to small daily processing capacity recycling business, suitable for processing flat waste radiators, which has not be deformed.

Working process:

1. Use the radiator cutter to cut off the iron side first, and cut the radiators into proper thickness and width.

2. Put the pre-processed radiators into the small scale radiator separator equipment directly, and it will separate copper tube and aluminum foils automatically.

Advantages: low cost, fast working efficiency, small land occupied, energy saving, etc.

Large scale radiator recycling machine:

large scale radiator recycling machineLarge scale radiator recycling machine

Large scale radiator recycling machine can process all kinds of waste radiators, such as air conditioner, car water tanks, industrial cold storage, etc. It uses physical separation method, with high separation rate and no pollution, which is the best choice for large scale recycling company.

Working process:

1. Put radiators into shredder, to shred them into small pieces.

2. Use hammer crusher to crush small pieces into small particle in 2-3cm.

3. Use negative-pressure baffling separator to separate most light aluminum first.

4. Use air separator to separate copper and the rest aluminum.

5. During process, collect dust by pulse dust collector.

Advantages: large processing capacity, high separation rate, high degree of automation, time saving, etc.

Well, after reading this article, I believed that you may have a brief understanding of why radiator recycling machine is more and more popular. And if you are interested in it, and want to know more information about radiator recycling machine, welcome to contact us.

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