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How to recycle the copper in radiators?

According to the different types of air conditioner radiators, the content of copper contained in them is different. The normal radiators are commonly used in people's lives, which usually content about 55% copper, 40% aluminum and 5% iron. The high-end air conditioners are basically composed of copper tubes, the copper content can reach about 80%. Copper and aluminum are recyclable materials, and the high price can bring high profit to us, if we can recycle them. The question is: how to separate copper from aluminum of radiator?

radiator recycling machineMetal content of a radiator

Henan Doing Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd has two types radiator recycling machine to recycle copper from radiators.

First one is radiator stripping machine, which is low cost and easy to operate. Before using this machine, you should use a radiator cutting machine to cut the iron down, and pre-process the radiator into suitable size. Because the radiator stripping machine can only process waste radiators of one or two layers, and the copper tube spacing must be in 19mm, 21mm and 25mm. After that, just put the radiators into the feed port, copper tubes will be peeled from aluminum foil.

The second one is copper aluminum radiator recycling machine, which is a complete production line for recycling copper, aluminum and iron from waste radiators. The raw materials can be old car water tanks, car radiators and condensers, air conditioner radiators, etc. According to different requirements of customers, we can provide equipment with different processing capacity. Through shredding, crushing, negative pressure baffling separation, magnetic separation, and air separation, copper will be separated from radiator, with 99% separation rate, easy to operate, high degree automation, wide application, etc.

Radiator recycling machine has helped many recycler get considerable profit from radiator recycling business. So, if you want to start radiator recycling business but have no idea about choosing radiator recycling machine, feel free to contact us.

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