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Why copper wire granulator is an ideal machine for recycling waste wires?

Among the various materials that can be recycled, copper wires hold immense value due to their widespread use in electrical and electronic devices. To efficiently recycle waste wires and extract valuable copper, the copper wire granulator has emerged as an ideal machine. Here we will explore why copper wire granulator is an ideal machine for recycling waste wires.

The Functionality of Copper Wire Granulator:

Copper wire granulator is specialized machine designed to process and separate copper from waste wires. The process begins with the feeding of waste wires into the granulator, which then uses mechanical processes to crushed the wires into smaller pieces. Subsequently, these smaller particles undergo further separation techniques, such as air separation, vibration technology or electrostatic separation to isolate the copper from the plastic. The result is high-quality copper granules ready for reuse.

copper wire granulatorCopper wire granulator

Advantages of Copper Wire Granulators:

1. Efficient Copper Extraction: 

One of the primary reasons why copper wire granulator is considered ideal for recycling waste wires is their exceptional efficiency in extracting copper. The advanced shredding and separation technologies integrated into these machines ensure maximum recovery of copper with minimal loss. With the help of an electrostatic separator, almost 100% copper of waste wires can be separated, which is very pure.

electrostatic separatorElectrostatic separator

Henan Doing Company is specialized in waste recycling machine more than twelve years, and have exported more than fifty countries. And we can provide a proper scheme for your budget and requirements.

2. Versatility: 

Copper wire granulator can process various types of waste wires, including network cables, thin miscellaneous wire, copper wires, data wires, square wires, home appliance plug wires, car wires, motorcycle electric lines, computer lines, communication cables, electric wires, household cable wires, and industrial cables, etc. This versatility allows for comprehensive recycling of different wire types, expanding the range of materials that can be effectively recycled.

For some special wires, such as miscellaneous wires with large diameter differences, wires with plugs, scrap copper wires containing iron, etc., we have corresponding countermeasures. In addition, our DOING Company provides test machine service, you can bring your raw materials for testing.

waste wiresWaste wires

3. Environmentally Friendly: 

By utilizing copper wire granulator, the recycling process becomes environmentally friendly. Instead of resorting to traditional methods like burning or chemical, which release harmful pollutants into the environment. At the same time, we provide pulse dust collector or cyclone dust collector to collect dust during process in order to reduce the potential damage to the workers. Copper wire granulator adapts physical mechanical crushing and separating method, which enable the recovery of copper without causing secondary pollution.

pulse dust collector Pulse dust collector

4. Space-Saving Design: 

Copper wire granulator is compact machines that occupy less space compared to alternative recycling equipment. This feature is beneficial for businesses or facilities with limited operating spaces, making it easier to integrate the granulator into existing operations.

5. Automation and Ease of Use: 

Modern copper wire granulator is equipped with PLC control system and user-friendly interfaces. These advancements simplify operation and minimize the need for extensive manual labor. Even individuals with minimal technical expertise can operate the machine efficiently, ensuring a smooth recycling process.

PLC control systemPLC control system

As technology continues to advance, copper wire granulator will play a pivotal role in shaping a more sustainable and resource-efficient world. If you interest in it, and want to know more information about the machine.You can contact us and we will give you our best support.

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