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Where can I get equipment quotations, equipment photos and running videos of PCB recycling machine?

As the price of precious metals in the market fluctuates and generally shows an upward trend, and the metal content in circuit boards is high, the metal extracted after recycling can bring higher profit margins. Therefore, many people want to buy PCB recycling machines to make profits from the processing of waste circuit boards. When choosing a PCB recycling machine, equipment quotations, equipment photos, and operation videos are all important factors that investors pay attention to. It is recommended to purchase from a professional PCB recycling machine manufacturer.

Doing factoryDoing factory

Generally speaking, professional manufacturers are large companies with rich experience in the research and development and manufacturing of PCB recycling machine. And the PCB recycling machine quotations provided by professional manufacturers are usually more favorable, and the equipment produced by professional manufacturers is of good quality, stable operation, and high cost-effective advantages, which can help customers obtain economic benefits to the greatest extent.

Doing teamDoing team

Henan Doing Company is specialized in waste recycling machine more than thirteen years, and we have own own factories, high qualified engineer team and technical teams. Doing PCB recycling machine adopts mechanical crushing and multiple physical sorting method to recycle metals and non-metals from waste circuit boards, such as computer boards, TV boards, printed circuit boards, copper-clad laminates, various waste electrical boards and other waste materials.

PCB recycling machinePCB recycling machine

If you are interested in PCB recycling business, you can leave us a message or send an email. Then our sales manager will send you the equipment quotation, equipment photos and operation video of the PCB recycling machine to give you a clear understanding of our machine.

To meet different customers' requirements, Henan Doing can customize the PCB recycling machine with the the capacity ranging from 100kg/h to 2t/h. The following are some technical parameters of different models of PCB recycling machines.

Capacity (Kg/h)Overall DimensionPower (Kw)Weight (Kg)Recovery Rate
100-150kg/h8000*6000*4200mm42kw6000kg  ≥99%

If your needs are more specific, our sales managers can also provide you with appropriate solutions and configurations based on your raw material conditions. Besides, we welcome you to visit and test in our factory.

Customers from more than 30 countries and regions are satisfied with our PCB recycling machine and services. If you are interested in the machine and want to know more information. Please contact us and we will do our best to support you!

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