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What is the most widely used method for e-waste disposal?

E-waste is a precious resource. However, it is not easy to dispose of e-waste due to its complex composition and combination of materials. At present, the widely used methods for e-waste disposal include mechanical treatment, chemical treatment, incineration treatment. Which one is the most widely used method for e-waste disposal, let's compare and analyze.

One traditional method for e-waste disposal is incineration treatment. Incineration involves burning the e-waste in a special facility to break down the materials and create heat, which is then used to generate electricity or heat buildings. However, incineration can be a controversial method of e-waste disposal because it releases harmful toxins and dioxins into the air and soil, which can have negative health effects on humans and the environment. Therefore, this method is banned in many countries with the increasing awareness of environmental protection.

incineration treatmentIncineration treatment

There are two chemical treatments. One common treatment is pyrolysis, which involves heating the e-waste in a low-oxygen environment to break down the materials and extract the valuable components. Another treatment is electrolysis, which involves using an electric current to break down the materials and extract the valuable components.

electrolysis treatmentElectrolysis treatment

Chemical treatment is a less polluting method for e-waste disposal than incineration treatment. However, it's important to note that the chemicals used in these processes can be hazardous, and proper safety measures must be taken to protect workers and the environment. Additionally, the process of pyrolysis and electrolysis can also generate waste products, such as toxic gases and liquid effluents, that must be disposed of properly to prevent environmental contamination.

pyrolysis treatmentPyrolysis treatment

Compare with above two methods, the mechanical method is very environmental friendly and safe. From the perspective of environmental protection, mechanical method is one of the most widely methods for electronic waste (e-waste) disposal. Because it adapts mechanical crushing and separating to recycle e-waste for metals extracting without any pollution. However, mechanical treatment does have some limitations, such as lower separating rate and mixed metals and high energy consumption.

Having specialized in waste recycling machines for over twelve years, Henan Doing Company boasts a team of highly qualified engineers. These problems have been considered before design.

DOING e-waste pcb recycling machine is consist of PCB dismantling machine, a shredder, two crushers, a magnetic separation,an eddy-vibrating screen, an air separator and electrostatic separator, a pulse dust collection.

The degree of crushing of waste circuit boards not only affects the energy consumption of the crushing equipment, but also affects the subsequent sorting efficiency, so crushing is a key step. And DOING e-waste pcb recycling machine contains a shredder and two crushers, an eddy vibrating screen, all of which precisely can control the sizes of pieces. Besides, with sufficient crushing and air and electrostatic separators, the separation rate can reach almost 100%. So mechanical method is the most widely used method for e-waste disposal from the aspects of efficiency and energy-saving.

partical configuration of e-waste pcb recycling machinePartical configuration of e-waste pcb recycling machine

Besides, the profit of DOING e-waste pcb recycling machine is much considerable. If you want to learn more, you can read this: Is e waste recycling a profitable business?

Overall, the mechanical method is the most widely used method for e-waste disposal no matter in terms of environmental protection or efficiency, energy saving or profit.

E-waste pcb recycling machine has different processing capacity, ranging from 200-2000 kg/hour. You can choose a proper model to start your recycling business according to your budget and actual situation. If you want to start e-waste recycling business and know more details about e-waste pcb recycling machine, please feel free to contact us.

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