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What are the benefits of using e waste recycling equipment?

Recycling e waste is not only a profitable business, but a very complicated work. If workers to recycle e waste by hand, it will be very slow. Therefore, using e waste recycling equipment to recycling e waste can enlarge the production, improve the efficiency a lot, save labor, ect.

As e waste recycling equipment manufacturer in China, DOING designed automatic e waste recycling equipment, including electronic component dismantling equipment, smoke purification system and circuit board crushing and separating production line, which can help you get pure mixed metal and resin fiber easily.

If you use DOING e waste recycling equipment, there will be four benefits:

1. Using e waste recycling equipment, larger processing capacity and higher production efficiency

DOING e waste recycling equipment is designed by the characteristics of circuit board and mainly through shredding, crushing and sorting. The shredder and crusher can crush the various circuit boards into small particles, and sorting machine will ensure the high separation rate. All the process is automatical with high efficiency.

e-waste pcb board recycling machineE-waste recycling equipment

Besides, DOING e waste recycling equipment has different processing capacity for you to choose, such as 100-150kg/h, 200-300kg/h, 400-500kg/h, 500-700kg/h, 800-1000kg/h, 1.5-2t/h. You can choose the proper processing capacity to meet your business scale or just contact us to ask for a suitable scheme.

2. Easy operation, saving labor cost

e waste recycling machine PLC control system

Compared with manual dismantling and chemical recycling, using e waste recycling equipment is more safe and with less labor cost. With the PLC control system, DOING e waste recycling equipment is fully automatic with stable performance and easy operation, only one or two workers enough. And after installation, our engineer can teach your staff to be skilled in the shortest time.

3. Higher separation rate, more profits

DOING e waste recycling equipment with the electrostatic separation system can perfectly recycle metal, with a recovery rate above 99%. So the purity of your mixed metal is very high, and you can get a very good price in metal market.

If you want to know more about the profits of e waste recycling business, you can reference the bellow table of profit analysis.

Running cost / Day
ItemInputQuantityPriceInput costTotal cost
1Waste PCB boards500kg/h * 10h = 5TUSD3124 / tonUSD15620USD 15740.95
2Power consumption64.5Kw/H * 10H = 645KwHUSD0.11/ KWHUSD70.95
3Workers2 workersUSD25per oneUSD50
Income / Day
ItemOutputQuantityPriceIncomeTotal income
1Metals5T *40%= 2TUSD9530/ tonUSD19060USD 19300
2Resin fiber5T*60%= 3TUSD80/ tonUSD240
Daily Profit = USD 19300 – USD 15740.95 = USD 3559.05

4. No pollution in the whole production, qualified the national standard

Compared with chemical recycling technology, DOING e waste recycling equipment adopts physical recycling process, which is more environmentally friendly. Because it only undergoes dry physical crushing and sorting, without using fire or chemicals, there is no secondary pollution in the whole production process. And about the only existence the ash will be collected by a pulse dust removal system, with 99.5% ash collection effect.

Nowadays, many countries is more and more strict for the requirement of environmentally friendly. For the long-term consideration of your e waste recycling business, choosing DOING e waste recycling equipment  is more economical and wiser.

If you are interested in investing in e waste recycling business to obtain more profits, please contact us. DOING engineer team will customize the most suitable e waste recycling equipment according to your requirements. We will offer the best support and a free quote for you!

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