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How do you recover precious metals from electronic waste?

As we know, there are precious metals contained in the PCB board, which makes the electronic waste valuable to be recycled, as almost all the electronic waste has PCB board in it. So how can we recover precious metals from electronic waste? PCB board recycling machine can help it!

In life, like TV, computer, laptop, all kinds of electronic appliance, when they are broken, all belong to electronic waste. So when we get them, firstly need to dismantle the whole electronic waste first, as there are different parts contained in it, like plastic, glass, PCB board, etc. Then we take out the PCB board for recycling again to recover precious metals.

PCB board recycling machineE waste

So how does PCB board recycling machine work to recover precious metals from electronic waste? It’s mainly through shredding, crushing, eddy-vibrating screen, air separation or electrostatic separation.Then the metals will be directly separate from the nonmetals. Here is a DOING 3D video about PCB board recycling machine that recycles from electronic waste.

1. Shredding and crushing

Using a double shaft shredder to shred the bared boards into small pieces about 2-5cm. Then using hammerhead crusher and hammer crusher to crush these small pieces into particles about 24mesh. After crushing, these particles will be sent to an eddy-vibrating screen. If the particles are too big, they won't go through the sieving screen. And the eddy-vibrating screen will send the big particles back to crusher for further crushing. Only small enough particles can go through the eddy-vibrating screen.

2. Air separation and electrostatic separation

At last, these small particles will be sent to air separator and electrostatic separator. Air separator and electrostatic separator will separate the metals from resin fiber in these particles according to their different gravity and conductivity. Iron could be removed in advance by the magnetic separation process, which will not affect the final metals selling price.

Through above, we can see the working process of PCB board recycling machine no need water, fire or any chemicals, just with physical separation, so it’s totally environmental friendly machine too. That’s why PCB recycling machine is the most popular technology now to recover precious metals from electronic waste. Of course, there are other ways to recover precious metals from electronic waste: 1) Chemical leaching, 2) Incineration and smelting. But PCB board recycling machine is always the most popular technology now to recover precious metals from electronic waste.

Except above, the PCB board recycling machine also has other advantages as the following:

pcb board recycling machineAdvantages

1.High separation rate of 99%, so the metals separated from nonmetals are very pure.

2.High efficiency and few labors required. The machine is working automatically, so labor cost is low.

3.Equipped with pulse dust collector, keep the working condition clean.

4.The whole production line adopts negative pressure feeding closed to effectively reduce dust overflow.

Electronic waste recycling or PCB board recycling is very hot topic and welcomed business now all over the world. Our DOING Company has over 12 years experience in this part, so if you are interested in PCB board recycling machine, welcome to feel free to contact!

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