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How to dispose aluminum-plastic composite materials?

In recent years, packaging industry is booming around the world with various types of packing materials come out, especially the aluminum-plastic composite materials. In China, the annual consumption of aluminum foil for packaging in China is about 110,000 tons, including about 38,000 tons for cigarette packaging, 20,000 tons for food packaging, 9,000 tons for dairy product packaging and 10,000 tons for other packaging. Such a huge amount of aluminum-plastic packaging also brings many waste aluminum-plastic composite materials. If we do not properly process these materials, they will bring serious pollution to the environment. So how to dispose and recycle aluminum-plastic composite materials in an environmental friendly way? I can give you an answer in this article.

aluminum plastic separation recycling machineHow to dispose aluminum-plastic composite materials

Henan Doing Holdings Co., Ltd has aluminum-plastic recycling machine that can process aluminum-plastic composite materials, like medical blisters packing, aluminum-plastic foils and panels. This machine can separate aluminum and plastic from aluminum-plastic composite materials with the high separation rate of 99%. And it has high working efficiency, to separate aluminum from plastic won't take a long time, just needs 3 steps.

aluminum plastic separation recycling machineProcess of aluminum plastic separation recycling machine

Firstly, the crusher will crush the aluminum-plastic composite materials into small pieces to about 1cm. After that, they will be sent to the grinding mill. The grinding mill will grind these small pieces into powder which can make the aluminum and plastic in the packaging separated well into aluminum powder and plastic powder. But the powder is mixed together, how should we separate the powder of aluminum and plastic clearly? Then an electrostatic separator will do a favor. By using the principle of the different electrical properties of metal and nonmetal in the magnetic field, electrostatic separator will separate aluminum and plastic accurately, with the high separation rate of 99%.

aluminum plastic separation recycling machineAluminum plastic separation recycling machine

Hoping this passage can help you have a better understanding about how to dispose aluminum-plastic composite materials. And if you want to know more about this machine, welcome to contact with us for further information feel free.

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