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Ningxia customer ordered 8 sets e waste PCB recycling plants and PCB dismantling machines from Henan Doing

On August 31th, 2022, Ningxia customer ordered 8 sets e waste PCB recycling plant from Henan Doing. Each e waste PCB recycling plant has large processing capacity of 2000kg/h, and each machine is equipped with PCB dismantling machine.

The customer was engaged in waste circuit board recycling business with his friends before in Jiangsu, but for now, he wants to start his own recycling business in Ningxia. Then he found us. After the first communication on July 25th, our sales manager learn about that there is no need for customer to worry about the raw materials, for his company can collect many waste circuit boards all over the country. Therefore, what customer cares about most are the strength of the manufacturer, as well as the quality and separation rate of machine.

Based on, our sales manager invited the customer to come to our company and factory for a field trip directly. In company, the sales manager introduced him our sales team, engineer team, marketing team, purchasing team, etc. In factory, they watched the working process of e waste PCB recycling plant, and tested the separation rate of it. The customer was pleased with the company and machine.

e waste PCB recycling plantCustomer visiting picture

The customer has visited our company for four times in total. During each visit, there are some other companies tried to contact with the customer. But out of the trust and satisfaction with Doing, he didn't go to other companies and signed a contract with our company.

At present, the first e waste PCB recycling plant is manufacturing, and it is expected to be completed by mid-September. As for the rest seven set machines, we will continue to update newest progress. So if you want to buy one set e waste PCB recycling plant, welcome to contact us feel free.

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