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Radiator recycling plant is a professional waste metal recycling machine mainly to process the waste radiators. This radiator recycling plant can recycle the copper and aluminum out from the waste radiators, thus to get profit. Radiators are mainly from air conditioner or cars. After scrapped air conditioners and cars are scrapped, waste radiators can be obtained after disassembly. So with the development of economy, the waste radiators have become a common waste. Radiator recycling plant has attracted more and more people’s interest accordingly. But for different types of radiators, there are different types of radiator recycling plant to process too. In the following we will have a simple introduction of the radiator recycling plant.

radiator recycling plantRadiator recycling plant

As for the neat type waste radiators, the stripping type radiator recycling plant is enough to process. The process of this machine is easy, just put the whole radiator into the machine and then you could directly get the copper and aluminum stripped as the final product. This machine is easy to operation and the efficiency is high too.[Related reading: stripping type radiator separator]

But as for the scrap type waste radiators which is already deformed, it will need the crushing and separation type radiator recycling plant to process. The process of radiator recycling plant is mainly shredding, crushing, magnetic separation and air separation, then the copper and aluminum will be separated. This machine process is a bit more complicated, but the whole process is fully automatically, so usually only need 1-2 workers to operate will be ok. Furthermore, except scrap type waste radiators, this radiator recycling plant also can process the neat type waste radiators.

radiator recycling plantRadiator recycling plant and the separated metals

As for the radiator recycling plant, it’s so welcomed now also because of the following advantages:

1. The machine process is only dry type physical separation, so there is no pollution produced. Only there is some dust, we have the dust collector to collect it to make the factory clean.

2. The separation rate of this machine is high, could be reaching to above 99%. So the copper and aluminum separated are both very pure.

3. The voltage can be customized as per customers’ requests.

4. With low investment, and high profit.

No matter neat radiators or deformed radiators all can be processed by radiator recycling plant. If you want have lots of scrap radiators but do not know how to choose the machine, please feel free to contact us DOING company, our manager will give you more details information.

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