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How to separate copper from aluminum of waste radiators?

The radiator is usually consists of copper and aluminum, which can be separated out and bring profit to us. Well, how to separate copper from aluminum of waste radiators? Henan Doing designed the following 2 types radiator recycling machines to process waste radiators - Small and Large radiator recycling machine.

1. Small radiator recycling machine

Small radiator recycling machine is also called radiator stripping machine, which is mainly used for processing waste air conditioner radiators, to get copper tubes and aluminum foils.

First, the waste air radiators should be cut into one or two layers with the tube spacing of 19mm, 21mm and 25mm. Then just put the radiators into small radiator recycling machine, the machine will separate copper tubes from aluminum foils.

small radiator recycling machineSmall radiator recycling machine

Doing small radiator recycling machine is integrated designing, which is easy to move and operate. Besides, it is with safety protection device. When the staff's hands exceed the set safety distance, the equipment will automatically stop to avoid the staff being wounded.

2. Large radiator recycling machine

large radiator recycling machineLarge radiator recycling machine

Large radiator recycling machine, which is also called copper aluminum radiator recycling machine, is used to separate copper from aluminum of waste radiators. Large radiator recycling machine is a production line, which consists of shredder, crusher, negative-pressure baffling separator and air separator.

The feature of large radiator recycling machine:

large radiator recycling machineLarge radiator recycling machine

1. Wide application: Can process almost all kinds of radiators and no need pre-treatment;

2. High separation rate: Separate copper, aluminum and iron out with 99% separation rate;

3. Environmental protection: With sealed wind conveyor and pulse dust collecting system, no dust fly around;

4. High degree of automation: PLC control system, fully automatic working, easy to operate.

If you want to separate copper from aluminum of waste radiators, and need the above two machines, hurry up to contact us!

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