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How to reduce the cost of PCB recycling business?

Many customers engaged in PCB recycling business want to know how to reduce the cost of PCB recycling business, because the lower the operating cost, the more profit they will get from it. Reducing the cost of PCB recycling business depends on many variables, such as what raw materials you want to process, what kind of machine to choose, your plant location and area, as well as labor and power consumption. After consulting our engineers, we do a simple analysis, I hope it will help you.

PCB recycling machine Reduce the cost of PCB recycling business

The first is that what materials do you want to process?

As we all know that all kinds of waste circuit boards can be recycled to get profit. But different types of waste circuit boards, different metals content, its price is also different. For example, for normal PCB boards, it contains about 18% of mixed metal. But for computer motherboards and TV circuit boards, metal content up to 30-40%. Obviously, the price of scrapped computer motherboards will be higher. If you want to reduce the cost of PCB recycling business, you can start the business form recycling normal circuit board, because the price of separated mixed metals is same.

PCB recycling machine Differnent kinds of waste circuit boards

And then is that what kind of machine do you want to choose?

There are two kinds of machine for you to choose to start your PCB recycling business. The one is PCB dismantling machine and the other is PCB recycling machine.

PCB dismantling machine is used to separate electronic components from bare board for profit. The working process of PCB dismantling machine is easy to operate and the price is relativly cheap.

PCB dismantling machine PCB dismantling machine

PCB recycling machine is special designed for separating mixed metals and non-metals from waste circuit boards. The PCB recycling machine is a whole line for recycling waste circuit boards. The machine is high efficiency and pollution free. But the price of the machine is relatively expensive.

PCB recycling machine PCB recycling machine

Your plant location and area are also issues you should consider if want to reduce the cost of PCB recycling business

Before starting PCB recycling business, you need to build a simple factory to place equipment, raw materials and products. Because urban land is expensive, in order to save land costs, we recommend that you engage in PCB recycling business in the suburbs.

In addition, you can also reduce the labor cost and electricity consumption to reduce the cost of PCB recycling business.

The above is the way to reduce the cost of PCB recycling business, if you want to know more details about it, welcome your consult!

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