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How do you set up an e waste recycling plant?

The e wast circuit boards contains many kinds of precious metals and rare metals such as copper, gold, platinum, nickel, etc. Accordingly, setting up an e waste recycling plant to process these has attracted more and more people’s concern. So here we’ll have a talk of how to set up an e waste recycling plant.

PCB recycling machine Set up e waste recycling plant

To set up an e waste recycling plant, you need to have e waste raw materials to recycle first, and then e waste recycling machine to process, manpower to operate and land to set up the machine.

First about the raw materials, actually the e waste are everywhere in people’s daily life, such as used mobile phones boards, scrapped computers motherboards, television and refrigerator boards, etc. So usually it’s easy to collect these raw materials, you can do some researches in your local about e waste collecting, this is the first step to set up an e waste recycling plant.

PCB recycling machine Differnernt kinds of waste circuit boards

Then is the e waste recycling machine, which is the core to set up an e waste recycling business. So it’s important for customers to choose a good machine. About our e waste recycling machine, it is also called PCB circuit board recycling machine. The machine totally adopts dry type and physical separation in the whole process, so here you don’t need to worry about any pollution in this process. The separation rate of our PCB recycling machine could be reaching to above 99%, which can almost totally separate the metals and non-metals for further use or could be directly sold at a good market price.

PCB recycling machine PCB circuit board reycling machine

About the manpower need, the PCB circuit board recycling machine is working automatically, so actually only needs 1-2 persons to operate the machine is ok. Then about the machine size, usually it can be designed flexible according to your land size. So that it will be much easier for customers to find a land to set up an e waste recycling plant.

E waste recycling business on the one hand, it can recycle the metals contained in the e waste, which can make full use of the resources and make profit. On the other hand, it can reduce pollution of dumping or burning e waste directly. So if you are also interested to set up an e waste recycling plant, please feel free to contact us for more information.

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