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What are the requirements for e waste recycling business?

The e waste recycling business is a very hot business nowadays and many people want to start an e-waste business. And if you also want to start an e waste recycling business, the requirement of permission and licenses and investment are the requirements to be considered.

I. Permission and licenses requirement

e waste recycling businessPermission and license

A diverse range of government permissions and licenses is required to start e waste recycling business. About the permission and licenses, you should go to the State PCB and ask for permission to start an e waste recycling business. And if you wish to import electronic waste as a part of your e waste recycling business plan, you also need the necessary approval from the ministry of the Environment, because e waste now represents over 70% of all environmental emissions.

The basic requirement, however, will be a little different across different country. You can check with the relevant authorities to see what kind of permits you'll need to run an e waste recycling business.

II. Investment requirement

There is a lot of money can be made from e waste recycling business indeed. But, significant capital investment is also needed to start an e waste recycling business.

1. Raw materials cost

e waste recycling businessRaw materials

First, you need to collect the raw materials. Whether you plan to import raw materials or directly collect existing domestic raw materials, you are required to have adequate funds to purchase raw materials.

Fortunately, however, with the rapid replacement of electronic products, there is more and more e waste. You can collect them easily in SMT factory, e waste recycling center, appliance dismantling center, etc., which means that you needn't spend plenty of money on raw materials.

2. Machine cost

e waste recycling businessE waste recycling plant

A good e waste recycling plant is half the battle of a successful e waste recycling business. Good e waste recycling plant can help you get more and purer products, which can bring high profit.

Doing's e waste recycling plant is used for processing and separating e waste by air separation and electrostatic separation. The separation rate can reach to 99%. Besides, it adopts dry physical separation method to process e waste, which won't cause any damage to the final products.

3. Factory cost

e waste recycling businessFactory

Thirdly, to start an e waste recycling business, you need to select a suitable site to place your raw materials and e waste recycling plant. It's great if you have your own factory, otherwise you'll need to rent a place to keep your raw materials and machine.

4. Other cost

In addition, there are other cost required, like labor force cost, power consumption, transportation cost, etc.

After all the above requirements are met, you can start your e waste recycling business. And if you need e waste recycling equipment, please contact us.

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