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How to start e-waste recycling business in India?

E-waste recycling industry has a lot of potential. Those people who are thinking of setting up a low-cost business in India, for them, e-waste recycling business can prove to be the most profitable business. Then, how to start e-waste recycling business in India? Today, Henan Doing will provide you complete process on e-waste recycling business.

Raw Materials

e-waste recycling businessE-waste

For e-waste recycling business, raw materials are inevitably essential. But there is no need to worry about this, because India is the third largest producer of e-waste currently. Scrap computer, electronic appliances, stabilizer, CVT and UPS, etc. can be found everywhere in India.

Related License

There are also some licenses that are necessary to run e-waste recycling business, e.g. GST, UDYAM, NOC, etc. You can start your business easily with these licenses.


e-waste recycling businessE-waste recycling machine

If you want to start e-waste recycling business in India, so firstly, you have to sort recyclable and valuable items from electronic waste, such as circuit boards, cables, etc., according to the type of the e-waste. Then using e-waste recycling machine to separate the recyclable materials through shredder, crusher, grinder, air separator or electrostatic separator. The remaining products will be your final products at last. The machinery cost will be depends on the investment and size of your project.

Land & Plant

e-waste recycling businessE-waste recycling plant

To start e-waste recycling business, you will need an area to bulid your plant, which should have enough space to store your raw materials, machinery, final goods, office, and other area as well. This land cost also depends on the investment and size of your project.

Additional Assets

a. Power Requirement

In order to successfully operate an e-waste recycling business, it is essential to consider the power requirement. Approximately 20 kW electricity load is necessary to run the various machinery and equipment involved in the recycling process. This power requirement ensures a smooth and efficient operation, allowing for the processing of a significant volume of electronic waste.

b. Manpower

The manpower required to start an e-waste recycling business can be easily managed with a team of 8-10 individuals, which will include operator, skilled, and unskilled labor as well as admin and sales manager to ensure the stable operation of the factory.

c. Transportation Cost

e-waste recycling businessTransportation ways

In addition to other expenses, transportation costs are an additional assets of e-waste recycling business. These costs encompass the amount required to transport both raw materials and finished products.

Expected monthly profit

Now, let's discuss the anticipated monthly profit. After subtracting factory expenses, sales expenses, and administrative expenses, you can expect to earn approximately $1,900 to $2,400 per month. However, it is important to note that these figures may vary depending on the size, type, and investment of your business.

e-waste recycling businessE-waste recycling machine

If you want to start this magnificent e-waste recycling business, so what are you waiting for? Pick up your phone and contact Henan Doing now.

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