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What is the future for copper wires recycling business?

Many customers will make a feasibility analysis report before starting copper wires recycling business to investigate the prospects of copper wires recycling business. As professional recycling machines manufacturer, Doing Group can tell you that the future of copper wires recycling business is very good. Next, Doing Group will take you to see the prospects of copper wire recycling business.

1. The application of recycled products is widely.

The copper wire recycling machine of Doing Group can separate the waste copper wires into copper and plastic. These recycled products have a wide range of applications. The copper separated from waste copper wires is an important source in the field of copper art production of various copper doors, and many copper products are used to extract raw materials from scrap copper.In addition, the plastic recycled from waste copper wires are also useful, they can be used to make new wire skins with old refurbishment, and some can also be used as trash cans, shoe soles, etc. Because the application of recycled products is widely.If you start the copper wires recycling business, you will have a big market.

2. The profit of recycled products is high.

In generally, one set copper wire recycling machine can process 4T scrap car wires per day, by processing, you can get 2.2T copper and 1.8T plastic from the 4T scrap car wires. Due to the machine has PLC control system, it has the advantages of high automation and simple operation.Therefore, you should only employ two workers to operate it. It means that you needn't spend too much labor costs. The following table calculates the daily profit of the copper wire recycling machine. Customers can refer to it and calculate the actual daily profit based on the local market price.

copper wire recycling machineThe profit table of copper wire recycling machine

Through the above analysis, we can know that the market future of waste copper wires recycling business is very good, which can bring huge profits to customers. If you want to buy copper wire recycling machine, welcome to consult us, we will provide you with high-quality service and reliable equipment.

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