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What is an e-waste recycling system?

E-waste contains a large amount of valuable resources such as copper and precious metals, plastic, fibers, etc., and their recycling has huge economic and environmental benefits. Today, I will introduce a machine named e-waste recycling system that used for recycling waste circuit board.

e-waste recycling systemE-waste recycling system

E-waste recycling system is combined with the domestic and international advanced technology was developed. E-waste recycling system can be used for all kinds of circuit boards, computer board, TV board, aluminum-plastic plate, printed circuit board and the processing waste, and the metal recovery rate is high.

E-waste recycling system is consist of PCB dismantling machine, a shredder, two crushers, a magnetic separation,an eddy-vibrating screen, an air separator and electrostatic separator, a pulse dust collection. DOING e-waste recycling machine is designed to get metals and resin fiber by processing various waste circuit boards with high separation rate.

structure of e-waste recycling systemStructure of e-waste recycling system

The details parts of E-waste recycling system as following:

PCB dismantling machine: PCB dismantling machine is mainly used to dismantle the electronic components from waste circuit boards of computer, cell phone and other electric appliance. If your waste circuit boards with electronic components, it is recommended to add a PCB dismantling machine.

Because the electronic components contain cheap metals such as iron and aluminum, if they are directly crushed together with the board, the iron and aluminum will be mixed with the copper and precious metals, which will reduce the price of the metal and is not conducive to the separation rate of metal.

PCB dismantling machinePCB dismantling machine

Shredder: The shredder shreds the waste circuit boards into smaller pieces to facilitate further separation of materials. For large capacity, harder circuit board and ferrous circuit board, it is recommend to add a shredder, which can help streamline the recycling process and extend the service life of crushers' blades.

Considering of different capacity and types of waste circuit boards, Henan Doing has two types of shredder: double shaft shredder and ordinary shredder. For this machine, you can choose according your raw materials.

shredder Shredder

Crusher: Compare with other machine in the market, Doing e-waste recycling machine have two crushers, hammer head crusher and hammer crusher. The first hammer crusher broken waste circuit boards into 20mm pieces. Then these pieces will crushed into 2-3mm pieces by the second crusher.

This design makes the circuit board broken more evenly, and the degree of crushing of waste circuit boards can save the energy consumption and improve subsequent separation rate.


Magnetic separator: This machine is equipped between two crushers. Using magnetic separators, ferrous materials can be removed from non-ferrous materials, which can improve the separation rate and the price of metal. Doing magnetic separator is more convenient than others. Because it can automatic remove the iron, which doesn’t need workers to remove to clean it every few hours.

Screen separation: Eddy-vibrating screen can control the size of particles, making the proper particles be separated and sending the oversize into second crusher for crushing again.

Air separation: Air separator takes advantage of the air suspension principle, to separate the metal and non metal through the friction of screen surface and the inclining flow of material self-weight.

Electrostatic separation: When electrostatic separation uses the force of attraction to sort particles, conducting particles stick to an oppositely charged object, thereby separating them from the particle mixture. The separate rate can reach 99% with electrostatic separation.

air separator and electrostatic separatorAir separator and Electrostatic separator

Pulse dust collector: The pulse dust collector can make the site more clear, and capture dust during processing.

Besides, DOING e-waste recycling system is very easy to operated. Each step is controlled by the PLC program, started and stopped by one button. In the operation process, workers only need to put the waste circuit boards into the shredder or crusher evenly, and e-waste recycling system will run automatically to separate the metals from the waste boards with its maximum productivity.

We have capacities range from 100kg/h to 2T/H, you can choose the proper capacity of e-waste recycling system according your budget. So if you have interest, welcome to contact our DOING Company for more information!

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