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What's the process of separating aluminum from plastic?

There are plenty of aluminum plastic materials in our daily life which was regarded as waste, such as medical blister packs, aluminum plastic composite panels and food packages. These kind of aluminum plastic composite materials can be separated to get aluminum and plastic for recycling.

aluminum plastic separation machine 3D picture of aluminum plastic separation machine

Aluminum plastic separation machine is used to separating aluminum from plastic. The process of aluminum plastic separation machine including crushing, grinding, eddy-vibrating screen and electrostatic separation.

First, crushing the aluminum plastic composite materials into small pieces. And then grinding the small pieces into powder and use the eddy-vibrating screen to sort out the bigger pieces to go into the grinding machine again. Finally, use the electrostatic separation machine to separate aluminum from plastic. With the electrostatic separation, the separation rate could reach to 99.9%. The separated aluminum powder and plastic powder is so pure that can be sold directly on the market.

aluminum plastic separation machine The process of aluminum plastic separation machine

The process adopts totally dry type and physical separation method, without using water, fire, chemical, completely environmental friendly and pollution free. Not only that, the aluminum plastic separation machine is equipped with the water cooling system to make sure the plastic not be melted or discolored during the crushing and grinding process.

aluminum plastic separation machine Separated aluminum & plastic

There are a lot of methods to separate aluminum from plastic, however, the traditional separation method of chemical method has been eliminated due to its high cost, pollution to the environment and harm to human beings. Separating aluminum from plastic by aluminum plastic separation machine is the most appropriate way in recent years.

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