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How to recycle radiators to get copper and aluminum out?

There are three ways to recycle radiators to get copper and aluminum out. Peeling by hands, separate by radiator stripping machine, or crushing and separating by copper aluminum radiator recycling machine.

First is peeling by hands or with simple tools. This method is used because no need to invest money but is difficult to process. It is only can be used for process single air conditioner radiators to get copper and aluminum. If you also have double or multi-layer radiators and car water tanks, it is impossible to separate copper from aluminum. This method is basically no longer used now.

Radiator stripping machineRadiator stripping machine

The second is processed by radiator stripping machine and radiator cutter machine. Radiator stripping machine is compact design and low cost, which can separate radiators to get copper tubes and aluminum foil. Radiator cutter machine can cut iron of the radiators or cut multi-layers radiators for pre-process. This machine is easy to operate and occupy small land. But it can not process car water tanks and industrial condenser.

The third method is processed by copper aluminum radiator recycling machine. It is special designed for separate and recycle both air conditioner radiators and large radiators which can not processed by radiator stripping machine.

copper aluminum radiator recycling machineCopper aluminum radiator recycling machine

Copper aluminum radiator recycling machine adopts dry type crushing and separating method to process radiators. The working process is shredding, crushing, and separating. There is negative pressure folding separator which will separate light aluminum first. Before copper and iron and heave aluminum through belt conveyor into air separator, there is magnetic separator sort iron out of mixed metals. At last, air separator will separator copper and heave aluminum.Finally, you will get pure copper and aluminum and iron. The separation rate of this machine is 99%. There is no copper in aluminum and no aluminum in copper.

Which method you will choose to recycle radiators to get copper and aluminum? Do you need radiator recycling machine? Contact us!

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