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Myanmar customer ordered a copper wire recycling machine from Henan Doing

On April 18, 2023, a Myanmar customer ordered a DY-600 copper wire recycling machine from Henan Doing Company.

Equipment Details:

copper wire recycling machineCopper wire recycling machine

DY-600 copper wire recycling machine, also called waste cable wire recycling machine, is used to process waste cables and wires to separate copper and plastic out, which has the processing capacity of 200-300kg/h. It is consisted of a crusher, magnetic separator and air separator, which can separate copper from plastic through crushing and air separation. Its working process adopts dry type physical separation method, uses no water, fire or chemical solvent, thus it has no pollution to environment.

Communication process:

The Myanmar customer operates an cable wire manufacturing factory, which will produce many cable wire scraps per day. The purpose of buying copper wire recycling machine is mainly to recycle the cable wire scraps and make money from them.

After understanding the real needs of customer, our sales manager entered into a in-depth communication with customer. Our sales manager listed many cable wire recycling solutions according to the Myanmar customer's needs. Noticing that customer cares more about details, our sales manager explained our copper wire recycling machine, including configuration, working process, equipment materials, advantages and disadvantages of each solution, etc. in detail.

Except the detailed introduction of copper wire recycling machine, our sales manager also personally went to the factory to take the working video of our machine for the Myanmar customer to observe the separation effect. The whole communication made the customer feel that we are professional and caring, and the separating effect of copper wire recycling machine also satisfied him, so he immediately decided to buy our machine.

If you also want to engage in waste cable wire recycling business, you are welcome to contact us for inquiry to customize suitable copper wire recycling machine at favorable prices or come to our factory having a visit. Looking forward to reaching a win-win cooperation with more customers!

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