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China client ordered a DOING copper wire recycling machine

We are thrilled to announce that we have successfully signed a contract with a Chongqing, China client who specializes in waste recycling. The deal was made on April 20th 2023, after a 4-month negotiation period that began on December 8th, 2022. The client has ordered the DY-400 copper wire recycling machine and DY-1500 electrostatic separator.

copper wire recycling machineCopper wire recycling machine

Our client from Chongqing, China is a small-scale waste recycling business that deals with a variety of materials, including automotive wires, communication wires, network cables, and electronic wire harnesses. Given the client’s high standards for the copper wire recycling machine sorting efficiency, we recommended DY-1500 electrostatic separator, which can effectively sort out materials of different thicknesses and sizes.

Our engineers provided reasonable suggestions and conducted material testing for each type of material, which the client was very satisfied with the separation rate of DY-400 copper wire recycling machine and electrostatic separator. Our business manager took this client to see our company and factory. The client from Chongqing, China was particularly impressed with our company’s strength and factory scale, which helped to dispel any doubts or concerns they had. Finally, the client decided to work with us.

The copper wire recycling machine and electrostatic separator for this project is factory stock, and after wiring and debugging, it can be shipped directly to the client’s factory. We will continue to provide high-quality products and services to our clients, helping them to efficiently process waste and achieve sustainable development. If you are interested the copper wire recycling machine and electrostatic separator, welcome to contact us!

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