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Brief introduction:

used copper wire granulator machineUsed copper wire granulator machine

Used copper wire granulator machine can be used to separate the copper and plastic from waste cables and wires. It is usually consisted of shredder, crusher, air separator, electrostatic separator, line-vibrating screen and dust removal system.

Raw materials:

Used copper wire granulator machineRaw materials

Used copper wire granulator machine is mainly applied to process communication cables, civilian wires, industrial cables, vehicle cables, armored cables, and other single or multi-strand copper or aluminum wires.

Working process:

Henan DOING Used copper wire granulator machine adopts the dry-type physical separation method to process the waste cables and wires and get copper and plastic separated. The specific working process is as follows:

1. Use shredder and crusher to crush the waste cables and wires into small particles;

2. Use air separator and electrostatic separator to separate the copper and plastic according to their different density and conductivity;

Used copper wire granulator machineWorking process

3. Use a line-vibrating screen to separate the brass and copper, if there are plugs in the waste cables and wires.

4. Use pulse and cyclone dust removal system to collect the dust.

Technical parameter:

Used copper wire granulator machine can process waste cables and wires with the processing capacity of 200-2000kg/h. The following is the used copper wire granulator machine parameter:

Capacity (kg/h)  Overall DimensionPower(Kw)Weight(Kg)Recovery Rate

Final products:

The separated copper obtained from the cable recycling separator machine can be easily sold to copper granulator collectors or individuals engaged in metal recovery for monetary gain. In the case of large quantities of copper, it is possible to directly sell it to copper electrolytic plants or copper factories.

Used copper wire granulator machineFinal products

As for the plastic, it can be sold to plastic collectors. The plastic can be processed into pellets and used to manufacture various new plastic products such as rubber mattresses, insoles, and even wire covers.

Equipment features:

1. High profitable

The separated copper and plastic have good quality and high purity, which can be sold with a considerable price.

2. Low cost

Used copper wire granulator machineUsed copper wire granulator machine

used copper wire granulator machine adopts an integrated structure, which occupies a small area; and it is equipped with PLC control system, which has a high degree of automation, reduces labor intensity, and saves manpower and time;

3. Environmental friendly

It adopts dry physical separation method, which uses no water, fire or chemical solution, and the dust will be collect by the dust removal system, which has no pollution to environment. Moreover, the sound of the machine running is below 85 decibels, which meets the standards of industrial parks.

Project cases:

Used copper wire granulator machineProject cases

Henan DOING's used copper wire granulator machine with the advantages of high separating rate, high profit, eco-friendly and good quality, has exported over 30 countries and areas, such as America, Argentina, Malaysia, Ethiopia, India, Greece, Ireland, etc.

Customer feedback:

Used copper wire granulator machineCustomer feedback

The following is the unanimous praise from our customer all over the world. Many people has get considerable profit by using our used copper wire granulator machine.

Henan Doing Company has rich experience in exporting machine for over 12 years. If you have any interest in the used copper wire granulator machine and would like to gather more information, please don't hesitate to contact us. We are committed to offering you our utmost support.

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