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Metals such as copper, aluminum, and iron can be separated from radiators after a series of processing. Since iron, aluminum, and copper are the main metal materials used in various industries, once separated and recycled, their economic value will be very considerable.

Here is a convenient recycling machine designed by Doing company, called radiator crushing and separation machine, which can be used to process waste radiators and car water tank. Now let's take a close look.

Radiator crushing and separation machineRadiator crushing and separation machine

The fully automatic radiator crushing and separation machine adopts an intelligent control system and only requires manual feeding to complete the whole processing line. In addition, it is also equipped with a PLC automatic control system, which can promptly alarm to ensure the safety of the equipment if there is a failure.

The running video of Doing radiator crushing and separation machine:

This is an animation video designed by our engineers based on actual operating conditions and equipment details.

After various processes such as shredding, crushing, magnetic separation, and airflow separation, the iron separation rate is greater than 99%, the copper and aluminum separation rates are greater than 98%, and the separation purity is high. It is also equipped with a pulse dust removal system to ensure that the entire crushing and sorting process is clean and pollution-free.

The profit analysis of Doing radiator crushing and separation machine:

For the recycling value of scrap radiator, many people may still have a half-understanding. According to statistics from recycling stations, one ton of radiators can separate 45% of copper, 50% of aluminum and 5% of iron and impurities. These separated metals can be sold to metal recycling centers, major dismantling enterprises and metal processing plants. The market demand for this type of scrap metal is large and there is basically no worry about sales. This is a profit analysis we have done before, which can give you some reference.

Profit analysisProfit analysis

The advantages of Doing radiator crushing and separation machine:

1.No secondary pollution caused by water, fire or chemicals, completely environmentally friendly.

2.High efficiency, saving labor and cost.

3.Low noise, the noise is not more than 85db.

4.Safe and reliable structure, wide processing capacity for choosing.

5.Can be customized according to customer requirements.

Radiator crushing and separation machineRadiator crushing and separation machine

Doing radiator crushing and separation machine is sophisticated and the degree of automation is high. On the basis of reducing labor intensity, it also reduces operating costs and creates more profit margins for the enterprise. If you are considering getting into the radiator recycling business, feel free to contact us.

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