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Running video of copper aluminum radiator recycling machine

Some customers told us that they want to go to our factory to see the operation of the radiator recycling machine. We have specially installed one set copper aluminum radiator recycling machine prototype in the factory according to customer needs, so that customers can bring raw materials to test the machine. Below is a running video of our factory's copper aluminum radiator recycling machine prototype.

From the video we can see that the copper aluminum radiator recycling machine works well. Waste radiators are thrown in through the inlet, and copper and aluminum can be discharged directly from the outlet. The radiator recycling machine is fully automated and requires only one or two workers throughout the process. The copper and aluminum are completely separated and the purity is very high.

You can also take your materials to test the machine in our factory. If you have any questions, you can directly communicate with our engineers. Welcome to your arrival.

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