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What precious metals can be recycled from waste circuit boards?

In modern life, more and more E-waste comes into our daily life. Such as computer motherboards, TV boards, mobile phone boards and so on. So here is starting a new business: recycle precious metals from waste circuit boards. Some people are confused about what we can get from waste circuit boards. Now let me show you what precious metals can be recycled from waste circuit boards.

Because there are different kinds of boards in our daily life. The different waste circuit boards have different metals content. For normal PCB boards like TV boards or air conditioner boards, containing about 18% of metals. But for computer boards especially cell phone boards, the metals content can attach to 30-40%. Most of them are copper, iron, tin, zinc, gold, silver, palladium and so on.

PCB recycling machine Precious metals in waste circuit boards

We did a detailed investigation and found that the separated mixed metals contained the most copper, followed by iron, platinum, and tin, etc. By estimate, for 1 ton computer circuit boards, it contains 0.5kg gold, 130kg copper, 10kg iron, 60kg Plumbum, 40kg tin, 36kg nickel, 40kg antimony and some other rare precious metals, like Platinum, palladium, etc.

PCB recycling machine PCB recycling machine and the separated metals & resin fiber

At the same time, here also comes a new question: how can we recycle the metals from waste circuit boards? With the PCB recycling machine coming to the market, it is more convenient for recycling scrap circuit boards. PCB recycling machine is specially designed for separating metals and resin fiber from scrap circuit boards. And the PCB recycling process without using fire, chemicals, so no secondary waste. It is the first and important step of precious metals recycled from waste circuit boards.[Related reading: What's the working principle of E waste PCB recycling plant?]

After reading this article, you will know what precious metals can be recycled from waste circuit boards and how to process them. All you do is want to recycle waste circuit boards to get profit, all we do is provide you with a suitable machine to recycle circuit boards. If you are interested in this project, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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