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Is there any prospect for E waste PCB recycling business in India?

The prospect of E waste PCB recycling business in India is booming. One of the reasons is that most E waste circuit boards are transferred to India. India is the biggest E waste PCB recycling factory in the world. The other reason is circuit boards can be recycled to get precious metals like gold, copper, tin, etc to get profit.

PCB circuit board recycling machine Precious metals in waste circuit boards

According to a report from the U.N, there are over 55 million tons E waste produced from the world every year. Only 15-20% of them can be recycled officially. Most of them are transferred to Asia, especially in India. India also produces over 5 million E waste every year. There are plenty of raw materials E waste circuit boards in India.

Each one ton of waste circuit boards can get around 500g gold, which is higher than gold mine. Circuit boards also have other metals such as copper, tin, silver, palladium. The price of copper can be sold at 7 dollars, not to mention gold and other precious metals and rare metals. So the PCB recycling business is of high benefit.

PCB circuit board recycling machine Metals and non-metals are separated from waste circuit boards However, only 5% e waste in India can be recycled by a professional factory, the remaining 95% is "ragged" and disposed of by individuals and family workshops. They use crude methods to extract reusable components and precious metals. This process includes chemical treatment and burning which can produce toxic material with serious health and environmental consequences.

PCB circuit board recycling machine can recycle waste circuit boards to get metals and non-metals in an eco-friendly way. The working principle of PCB circuit board recycling machine is crushing and separating. Through shredding, crushing, air separation and electrostatic separation, circuit boards can be separated as metals and non-metals. The whole process is no air pollution, water pollution, chemical pollution which is totally friendly to the environment.

PCB circuit board recycling machine Working principle of PCB circuit board recycling machine

There is such big profit attracting more and more Indian customers to join E waste PCB recycling business. The prospect of E waste PCB recycling business in India is booming and PCB circuit board recycling machine is welcomed by customers. If you want to know more details about PCB circuit board recycling machine, welcome to contact us.

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