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How much copper can be separated from one ton circuit boards?

Did you know that waste circuit boards can be recycled? The metals contained in waste circuit boards can be recycled and reused. According to statistics, one ton of waste circuit boards contains 13% copper, 0.045% gold and other metals, such as iron, tin, lead, and nickel.

circuit board recycling machine Circuit board recycling machine

Some people often ask: How much copper can be separated from one ton circuit board? In fact, in addition to the quality of the equipment and the effect of classification, the copper content of the circuit board also determines how much copper can be produced.

According to research on ordinary PCB boards, each ton of substrates contains approximately 40% metal and 60% non-metal. It is estimated that for a ton of computer circuit board, it contains 0.5 kg of gold, 130 kg of copper, 10 kg of iron, 60 kg of lead, 40 kg of tin, 36 kg of nickel, 40 kg of antimony and some other rare precious metals such as platinum, palladium and so on.

circuit board recycling machine Metals in one ton of waste circuit board

If the circuit board contains only 13% copper and you want to get 15% copper, it is unrealistic. In addition, even if the circuit board contains 13% copper, the equipment cannot sort 13% copper and copper because the equipment will lose material during the material processing process, but the circuit board recycling equipment can minimize the loss.

Circuit board recycling machine is a new type of metal recycling machine that has entered the market in recent years. This equipment uses dry crushing and electrostatic separation technology to completely separate metal from non-metal. There will be no secondary pollution during the entire production process, which is the best choice for recycling electronic waste circuit boards.

circuit board recycling machine The process of circuit board recycling machine

In recent years, more and more people are engaged in circuit board recycling business, environmentally friendly circuit board recycling machine has become more and more popular. For more information about circuit board recycling machine, please contact us.

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