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Why do Indians choose to buy PCB recycling machine from China?

PCB recycling machine can be used to recycle scrap circuit boards to get metals and resin fiber. You can purchase PCB recycling machine in any country or region. But many recyclers prefer to buy PCB recycling machine from China.

First of all, China's PCB recycling machine is very cost-effective. In addition to China, there are many countries in the world that produce PCB recycling machine. In terms of technology, the quality of European equipment is not much different from that of China, but the price is several times that of China. In Southeast Asia and other countries, PCB recycling machine has an advantage in price, but the technology is not as advanced as China's equipment. Comprehensive consideration, Indian customers will consider buying equipment from China.

PCB recycling machine PCB recycling machine

The separation rate of China's PCB recycling machine is high. PCB recycling machine is equipped with electrostatic separator. With the use of electrostatic separator, the separation rate of mixed metals and resin fiber could reach to 99.9%. The separated mixed metals can be sold directly on the market. But the separation rate of other countries' machine only reach to 97%-98%. So, lots of India customers will choose to buy PCB recycling machine from China.

PCB recycling machine High separation rate PCB recycling machine

The service of China's PCB recycling machine is good. Manufacturers will provide detailed production plans and good after-sales service according to customer needs. Engineers can also be arranged for installation training and one-year online after-sales service. After purchasing PCB recycling machine in China, customers do not have to worry about not having professional engineers to operate and maintain the equipment. So many customers are willing to buy equipment from China.

PCB recycling machine India customer's PCB recycling machine put into production

We DOING company as a PCB recycling machine manufacturer, India customer buy PCB recycling machine from our factory and very satisfied with the machine. So India is our main market. We always provide customers best service and quality machine.


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