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How to choose a reliable PCB recycling plant manufacturer?

How to choose a reliable manufacturer from the many manufacturers of PCB recycling plant has become a question worth considering for users. Based on DOING's experience in manufacturing PCB recycling plant in the past ten years, we give you the following suggestions as a reference.

PCB recycling plant PCB recycling plant

1. Investigate whether the PCB recycling plant manufacturer has a professional equipment design team:

The reliability design of PCB recycling plant is a critical link in the manufacturing of PCB recycling plant. The reliability design of PCB reyccling plant needs to complete the main work of fatigue check, strength check, corrosion resistance design and wear parts design. More reliable PCB recycling plant manufacturers often use computer software to test and analyze the application force of the equipment. For example, the use of ADMAS software for dynamic analysis of PCB recycling plant to check whether the equipment can run, whether the components are reasonable and so on. Therefore, whether the manufacturer has a professional design team is particularly important.

PCB recycling plant DOING design team

2. Investigate the equipment manufacturing technology level of the PCB recycling plant manufacturer:

More reliable PCB recycling plant manufacturer pay attention to the processing accuracy of equipment production. The higher the processing accuracy, the better the quality of PCB recycling plant, and the longer the service life of the equipment.

In recent years, reliable PCB recycling plant manufacturers have used laser cutting to improve the processing accuracy of PCB recycling plant. In addition, ultrasonic flaw detection, non-destructive testing, etc. are also used to detect parts in PCB recycling plant. Detect whether there is a defect inside the PCB recycling plant to eliminate potential safety hazards.

PCB recycling plantLaser cutting process of PCB recycling plant manufacturers

To evaluate the reliability of PCB recycling plant manufacturers, in addition to the above two points, it also needs to be combined with the production capacity, engineering cases and project installation of circuit board metal recycling equipment manufacturers. Henan Doing here recommends that you go to the factory for field inspections when recycling circuit boards to avoid falling into the trap of buying circuit board metal recycling equipment.

PCB recycling plant PCB recycling plant manufacturer

Henan DOING has a professional design team, manufacturing team, project installation engineer and sales team. It is a large manufacturer integrating industry and trade. Our equipment is exported to more than 60 countries and regions in the world. If you need PCB recycling plant, please call to consult.


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