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How many budget is needed to start radiator recycling business?

Radiator recycling business is becoming more and more popular because of it's high benefit. So many recyclers are eager to start radiator recycling business. Many customers want to know how many budget is needed to start radiator recycling business? We DOING make a simple introduction about it.

Referring to the budget of starting radiator recycling business, there are equipment cost, material cost and location rental. As the cost will vary greatly from region to region, the following data is for reference only.

radiator recycling machine Three reasons affect the radiator recycling business budget

Machine cost:

The radiator recycling machine cost varies from machine capacity, configuration and different suppliers. If you do not have enough budget to start radiator recycling business, you can choose small capacity machine like 300-500 kg/h or 600-800 kg/h. If you have a requirement about the capacity, you can choose large capacity machine.

radiator recycling machine Stripping type radiator separator

In addition, the machine configuration can also affect the machine cost. Stripping type radiator separator machine is a single-unit design with small land occupy size, the machine only process undeformed radiators so the cost is lower than large scale radiator recycling machine. Large scale radiator recycling machine can process all kinds of scrap radiators which damaged and deformed, and the machine is fully automatic and high efficiency. So the machine cost will be higher.

Raw material cost:

The raw materials refers to scrap air-conditioning radiators and car water tanks. The raw material cost is different in different regions. For example, the price of scrap air-conditioning radiator in China market is $3200 per ton. You can make a simple survey according to your regions.

radiator recycling machine Large scale radiator recycling machine

Location rental:

The location rental depends on the size of the machine. The dimension of 500-600 kg/h radiator separator machine is 1700*1000*1100mm. The dimension of 800 kg/h-1000 kg/h large scale radiator recycling machine is 1480*3800*4200mm. In addition, you should also leave an open space for raw materials and products. The above data is for reference.

DOING Company can provide customers quality machine and good service, we can also help you to design your factory depends on your requests. Welcome to contact us to get details budget before starting radiator recycling business.

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