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What is the best method for extraction of metals from e waste?

For now, using physical way to extract metal from E-waste is a best and popular way to recycle e waste, because it won't produce pollution, supported by the government of many countries. Before, there is also other ways to process the PCB, such as using fire to burn e waste PCB scrap to get metal, water-type separating method, but they will produce large quantities of pollutants, being prohibited gradually.

If you want to start e waste recycling business and want to get the permission of local government, you needs a set of e waste PCB scrap recycling machine. DOING e waste PCB scrap recycling machine has complete information, which not only can help you obtain the environmental permit, but also can give you high efficiency production.

e waste PCB recycling machineE waste PCB scrap recycling machine

The working process 3D animation of DOING e waste PCB scrap recycling machine:

According to the 3D video, you can see the main process of the DOING e waste PCB scrap recycling machine, including shredding, crushing and separating.

1. Put the PCB boards on the belt conveyor and the boards will be shredded as 5-6 cm.

2. After two crushing process, you can get the raw material crushed as 16-20 mesh.

3. The magnetic separator will separate iron out, the air separator will separate metal and resin & fiber firstly, and the electrostatic separator will separate metal and resin & fiber completely. The whole separation rate can get more than 99%.

4. During the whole working process, there is pulse dust collector and cyclone dust collector to collect the dust to make sure there is no dust in the workshop.

If you are interested in extracting metal from E-waste, you can contact with us, our professional engineer teams and sales mangers can give you more suggestion about this business.

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