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New order — the client from China ordered a DY-400 Double shaft shredder and DY- 600 Crusher

On 13th February, a client from Hebei China signed a contract with DOING. This client ordered a DY-400 Double shaft shredder and DY- 600 Crusher from DOING.

On the 9th February, we invited this client from Hebei China to our company for an exchange. During the communication process, we learned that this client is in the business of selling plastic pellets and the raw material to be processed is a lump material of wire mesh and plastic compounded together. At the same time, we also knew that the client had visited many manufacturers before coming to our company, but they were not too satisfied. After learning of the client's needs, our sales manager and engineer discussed together and came up with a proposal.

double shaft shredderDouble shaft shredder

This client from Hebei China was more worried about the product of the machine processing. In order to dispel the client's worries and save his time, the salesman immediately communicated with the technical staff of the factory responsible for the production of the equipment and the time required for the trial machine, and made the screens required in advance before going to the factory for the trial machine.

On the afternoon of the 10th February, this client from Hebei China went to our factory to test the DY-400 Double shaft shredder and DY- 600 Crusher. After seeing the workflow and the product of the machine, the client expressed his satisfaction. However, the client was still rather worried about the price and did not decide to buy immediately. Our salesman then introduced him to the advantages of our machines and our perfect after-sales system. This client finally decided to purchase the DY-400 Double shaft shredder and DY- 600 Crusher.

When the DY-400 Double shaft shredder and DY- 600 Crusher is finished production, DOING Company will arrange delivery. The newest information will be updated in time.

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