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Shaanxi customer ordered PCB recycling plant from DOING Company

On August 8th, 2022, Shaanxi customer purchased on set PCB recycling plant from DOING Company. The processing capacity is 400~500kg/h.

This customer was initially prepared to work in the circuit board storage and transport industry. However, because in applying for formalities, he learned about the Xian government requests it should be add printed circuit board recycling processing line to obtain the approval. After searching for information about printed circuit board recycling business, he knew that printed circuit board recycling processing line can separate metal and resin fiber, which can bring more profit for him. So he later decided to engage in printed circuit board recycling business.

On July 23rd, 2021, this customer contacted DOING Company. The customer was just about to start recycling circuit boards and was not very prepared. In this case, some manufacturers who sell PCB recycling plant do not pay much attention to such customers. However, DOING’s salesperson is very patient in the face of this situation and is willing to communicate with the customer to help him solve some of the problems he needs. Because of the salesperson's patient communication, this customer has the intention to buy PCB recycling plant from DOING Company.

Of course, the most important point is that the salesperson was able to provide some professional advice to the customer. Because the customer did not know much about the circuit board recycling industry, he did not know much about the information required to obtain a licence. In the process of communication with the customer, the salesperson helped the customer to collate and provide all the necessary information.

PCB recycling plantPCB recycling plant

The patience and professionalism of the salesman gave the customer a sense of trust in the company. At the same time, coupled with the DOING's great capability, the customer finally chose to purchase DOING’s PCB recycling plant after a year of preparing various procedures.

Henan Doing's PCB recycling plant can process scrap printed circuit board with 99% separation rate and environmental protection. If you need, welcome to contact us.

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