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One set PCB dismantling machine was delivered to New Zealand

On May 7, 2020, one set DOING PCB dismantling machine ordered by New Zealand customer was ready to delivered from Qingdao Port to New Zealand. It takes about 30 days from shipment to customer's factory. The following is the delivery picture of PCB dismantling machine.

PCB dismantling machine PCB dismantling machine loading picture

The New Zealand customer find we DOING company through the website and then contact our manager through whatsapp. Our manager communicated with the customer about the details of the PCB dismantling machine and sent some running videos to customer. After comparison with other foreign trade companies, the New Zealand choose us to buy the PCB dismantling machine.

PCB dismantling machine DOING PCB dismantling machine

We DOING as a PCB dismantling machine manufacturer which has more than ten years exporter experience, our PCB dismantling machine is high efficiency and pollution free, it is the best choice for customer for starting PCB recycling business.

If you want to buy PCB dismantling machine, feel free contact us, we look forward copperating with you!

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