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Guangdong customer ordered a cable wire recycling machine and an electrostatic separator from DOING Company

Last week, our customer from Guangdong China ordered a DY-400 cable wire recycling machine and an electrostatic separator. At present, all the equipment has been successfully debugged and can be shipped after painting.

铜米机生产图700-432.jpgCable wire recycling machine manufacturing picture

Our Guangdong customer is in the construction industry, and he is very interested in cable wire recycling business. After investigating the local source of waste materials, he contact us- Doing Company. Our Guangdong customer told our sales that he want to deal with household electrical cables, networking cables, and headphone wires.

According to the diameter of the wires he want to process and the daily processing capacity he want, our engineers give the suitable equipment solution - a DY-400 cable wire recycling machine and an electrostatic separator. Because the copper wire of the headphone wires are very thin, only using airflow sorting machine can not achieve the ideal separation effect. In addition, we give our customer a screen with small aperture for free, so that he can achieve better separation effect when dealing with fine wires.

Because in the process of communicating equipment configuration, our sales solved the customer's questions very well, Guangdong customer think DOING is professional. Moreover, DY-400 cable wire recycing machine and electrostatic separator are available in Doing factory, which can be delivered within a week. Therefore, Guangdong customers signed a contract with us within three days. At present, all the equipment has been debugged and can be shipped after painting.

The above is the running testing video of the equipment. Every time before shipment, DOING engineers will connect and debug the equipment. After confirming that there is no problem, it can be directly shipped to the customer's site for installation and operation, which is simple and convenient. Moreover, DOING has an after-sales service group, which can give feedback on operation problems at any time, and engineers provide online video guidance.

We will continue to update more equipment details. If you have needs for buying cable and wire recycling machine, you can also contact us at any time. Here, DOING wishes the 400-type cable wire recycling machine and electrostatic separator ordered by Guangdong customers to be successfully put into operation!

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