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One set copper cable granulator was ready to be delivered to Hebei, China

On July 10, 2020, one set copper cable granulator was ready to be delivered to Hebei, China.

This is a small type copper cable granulator, which the capacity is 200-300 kg/h. This machine meets customer requirements for compact design and small footprint.

copper cable granulator 200-300 kg/h copper cable granulator

The customer uses this small copper cable granulator to recycle miscellaneous wires such as cell phone wires and ear phone wires. Because the scrap wires is too thin, in order to get high purity copper, the machine was equipped with electrostatic separator. With the use of electrostatic separator, the separation rate can reach to 99.9%.

copper cable granulator Copper cable granulartor is loading at DOING factory

Only need one day, this machine will arrives at customer's factory, and we will arrange our engineers to visit the factory to personally guide the installation.

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