Successful trial run of Singapore customer's copper wire granulator machine

[ 2018-08-09]

Congratulations to the Singapore customers copper wire granulator machine has completed the trial run in our factory and successfully delivered last week.

copper wire granulator machine
2 sets equpment wss prepared in our factory

Along with the copper wire granulator machine, the Singapore customer also purchased one set electrostatic separator. Before the customer starts the recycling business, he was mainly collecting the waste, and sold to others for recycling. By seeing the recycling market is good, and has high profit, he decided to start his own recycling business, and concentrated on the copper wire granulator and electrostatic separator. Before he came to visit us, and place the order, he had done a lot of market research. And after visited a few suppliers, also we arranged him to one of our Chinese customer’s factory for a check, the machine there run very well.

copper wire granulator machine
Copper wire granulator machine and electrostatic separator in our factory

The customer was very satisfied and directly decided to order one set copper wire granulator machine and electrostatic separator from us after he came back to Singapore.

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