Working process of scrap copper cable recycling machine

[ 2016-09-29]

copper wire recycling machine
                                   scrap copper cable recycling  machine
copper cable recycling machine
Working process of scrap copper cable recycling  machine
1. Starting Please make sure all the copper wire recycling machine are in good condition. Before getting started, please keep the machine unloaded running for 5-10 minutes.
2. Feed inlet Please clear up iron from the mixed cables, avoiding damage to crusher blade.
3. Fine crushing If there is any abnormal noise, please stop and check the crusher. Change different size screen, if the copper granule is too fine or too much copper without separating from plastic.
 4. Vibrating separator After curshed, the mixed material will be delivered to vibrating device. The copper fro vibrating separator is complete copper without plastic, while the copper clad from the opposire discharging hole needs to be second crushed.

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