Korea customer's scrap copper wire recycling machine and another separators were delivered

[ 2018-06-29]

scrap copper wire recycling machine
Silicone separator was uploded

The three sets of equipments (scrap copper wire recycling machine,silica gel separators, and electrostatic separators) purchased by our customers in Seoul from South Korea were delivered on time yesterday. The customer in Seoul, South Korea, was a new energy development and waste recycling company. In the last year, he purchased an aluminum-plastic separator from our company and very satisfied with our equipment and installation guidance services.

silicone separator
Scrap copper wirerecycling machine was uploded

This year, due to the expansion of business scale, he directly bought scrap copper wire recycling machines, silica gel separators, and electrostatic separators from our company at one-time. Thanks to the trust and support from customers in Seoul, South Korea!

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