Philippine customer came for the inspections of the medical blister recycling machine

[ 2018-07-20]

Congratulations to our Philippine customer for purchasing medical blister recycling machine  from our company.

customer test the aliminum plastic separation equipment
Filipino customer tested the aluminum plastic separation equipment
Last week, the customer's medical blister recycling machine was already finished production in our factory. Yesterday, the customer came to our factory to inspect the operation of the machine and received our warm reception.

Filipino customer
Filipino customer

In order to show the machine is well and ready for delivery, we made a test run of the machine for the customer. After checked the whole working process, the customer was very satisfied with the equipment. The customer told us that after the medical blister recycling machine bring a certain profit, he would be ready to purchase another set of scrap cable wire recycling machine from our company! We are looking forward to have a further cooperation with him!

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