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What's the plastic sorting technology of mixed plastic separator machine?

Plastic sorting technology is the process of separating different electrical plastics by shredding, drying and electrostatic separation. Such as ABS/PS/PP, PET, PVC, etc.

According to the statistics, every year, more than 100 million tons of plastics are manufactured across the global. So it is easy to collect the scrap plastics from local recycling station. The collected mixed plastic needs to be shredding first, and the waste mixed plastic after the shredding can be cut into particles of 1-2 cm size. Because the plastic itself contains a small amount of moisture, the plastic is dried after it is shredding.

plastic sorting technologyPlastic sorting technology of mixed plastic separator machine

The dried plastic can be sorted in a closed high voltage electric field according to different conductivity. The electrical properties generated by the high-voltage electric field attract plastics of different electrical properties. According to the principle that the same electrical properties are mutually exclusive and different electrical properties are attracted to each other, different electrical plastics are completely separated.

plastic sorting technologyPVC & PET separated from mixed plastic

The advantages of plastic sorting technology of mixed plastic separator machine as blow:

1.The mixed plastic separator machine is a complete production line with PLC control system, which makes the whole operation is fully automatic.

2.The plastic sorting technology of mixed plastic separator machine adopts physical separation, which is environmental protection and without generating secondary waste.

3.The conveying and lifting parts in between, are well connected to the separation equipment, which could achieve the purpose of automatic loading and unloading. Easy to operate and save labor.

advantages of plastic sorting technologyThe advantages of plastic sorting technology of mixed plastic separator machine

As we all know, metals dismantled from used cars, electric vehicles and electric toys can be recycled, however, the disassembled mixed plastic from electric vehicles is generally discarded directly. The accumulation of waste plastics not only pollutes the environment but also causes the waste of resources. But with our mixed plastic separator machine, it's very easy to separate mixed plastics for recycling. If you have other questions about the mixed plastic separator machine, please contact we Doing Company. Our experienced engineers will solve your doubts.


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