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PCB recycling machine price

PCB recycling machine price depends on factors such as the capacity of the machine, specific configuration and type of supplier, and cannot be considered uniformly.

First of all, the PCB recycling machine price is affected by the capacity of the machine, and the price of the machine corresponding to the large capacity will also be high. For example, If you need to deal with a large number of printed circuit boards, you can choose a large capacity machine. Because the large capacity of the machine can not only improve the overall efficiency, but also save time.

PCB recycling machinePCB recycling machine

Secondly, the specific configuration of the machine, of course, the price will vary. Different customers have different requirements for recycling products, and the corresponding machine configuration will be different. For example, some customers have high requirements on metal recovery rate, so the separation equipment is equipped with high separation rate, then the configured PCB recycling machine will have a higher price. General separation equipment has the following types: air separation, electrostatic separation equipment, vortex separation, etc. Using different configuration, PCB recycling machine price will be different.

PCB recycling machine price also varies according to different types of suppliers, if your supplier have their own production factory, then you will get a slightly cheaper price. If your supplier is a middlemen, so he is sure to keep a certain profit space, give you offer will be on the high side, then you will need to think carefully.

PCB recycling machine pricePCB recycling

Of course, it is also influenced by some other factors, such as the material, size, power and quality of the machine. But the three factors above are the most important. So when you choose a PCB recycling machine, be sure to take into account your own needs and the specific quality of the machine, rather than simply look at the price.

DOING group’s PCB recycling machine can not only properly deal with the typical electronic waste PCB, but also sort and recycle the metal and non-metal in the PCB, eliminate the threat to the environment, and realize the recycling and utilization of resources.

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