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What is the dvantage of copper wires waste recycling equipment ?

copper wires waste recycling machine
Copper wires waste recycling equipment

Copper wire waste recycling equipment  is a kind of machiery that can recycling waste copper wire and separated copper and plastic.
 1. Copper wires waste recycling equipment suits wide range of Wire/cable:Computer wire, Automobile/car wire, Telephone wie, Communication wire&cable etc.Single core, Double core, Multi-core etc. We put the waste wire/cable directly in the machine! No matter twisted or tangled together!(The diameter should between 0.5-20mm)
  2 · High efficiency: 99% recycling rate. It can recycle copper/aluminum and plastic at the same time!
  3 · Energy saving: It consumes less energy compared with the same products!               
  4 · Environmental friendly: no water needed and no air pollution! All the dust is collected.
  5 · Easy operation: easy installation, devices are fixed on the bottom board, easy to move or transport!


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