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How much is the copper wire recycling machine?

In recent years, due to the high profit of the waste wire and cable recycling industry, more and more people are engaged in investment. The copper wire recycling machine is favored by investors because of its high degree of output and energy saving. How much is one set copper wire recycling machine on the market?

copper wire recycling machine
One set copper wire recycling machine inculded device

Want to know the price, we need to know what equipment is included in the copper wire recycling machine. DOING's copper wire recycling machine  consists of crusher, conveyor, vibrating screen, air separator, electrostatic separator, dust collector, electrical control, etc, according to different machine capacity and configuration. The copper wire recycling machine is a compact and integrated type structure, which is easy to install and debug, and transported (can be directly put into production after the customer connects the power supply), and the performance is stable. Usually before the customer decided to purchase the copper wire recycling machine, we suggested the customer to compare more about the machine configuration, thus to  avoid to be cheated only by the cheap price.

DOING copper wire recycling machine final products
DOING copper wire recycling machine final products

The double separation methods include air separator and electrostatic separator of DOING's copper wire recycling machine makes the recycling rate of waste copper wire and cable very high. The whole process is mechanical separation, waterless smokeless discharge, no dust pollution, which is an environmentally friendly recycling equipment. After be processed, copper and plastic can be effectively separated and achieve the purpose of comprehensive utilization, with good economic benefits, is a good project to get money. Whether the equipment is environmentally friendly or not, and whether the dust particles generated during the operation can be scientifically treated to achieve environmentally emissions is another important factor affecting the final price of the copper wire recycling machine .

With the same equipment configuration, DOING company is more inclined to the user experience in pricing, and there is no intermediaries earn the difference price, so the price concessions are reasonable,  and you can get a cost-effective copper wire recycling machine and costs you less money. If there are friends who have investment needs, welcome to contact DOING technicians online for more details.

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