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What is the use of copper recovered from copper wire recycling machine?

copper wire recycling machine
DOING copper wire recycling machine

In recent years, the copper wire recycling machine market is in full swing, and the reason should be that it meets the development needs of the user market.

copper wire recycling machine working process
DOING copper wire recycling machine working process

The copper wire recycling machine is a kind of renewable resource processing equipment. After the crushing and separation, the finished products are pure copper and plastic. Because of the high purity of the separation, the recoverable rate is also quite high.As a precious metal, copper's recycling process is changing with each passing day, gradually becoming industrialized, mechanized, continuous and automated. Of course, the scale is also growing, the process is becoming more reasonable, and the recycling rate is of course higher.

Without any doublt, copper wire recycling machine acts a very import role for this. Since continually improving methods and reducing costs, copper has also achieved the greatest benefits. So, where can the copper recovered through the copper wire recycling machine be used?

1. Iron white copper: The amount of iron added in iron white copper is not more than 2% to prevent corrosion cracking. It is characterized by high strength, and the ability to resist corrosion, especially against seawater corrosion, can be significantly improved.

2. Manganese white copper: Manganese white copper has a low temperature coefficient of resistance and can be used in a wide temperature range, has good corrosion resistance and good processability.

3. Zinc white copper : Zinc white copper has excellent comprehensive mechanical properties, excellent corrosion resistance, good hot and cold processing formability, easy cutting, and can be made into wire, bar and plate for manufacturing instruments, medical equipment, daily necessities and communication. Collar Precision parts of the field.

4. Aluminum white copper: Aluminum white copper alloy has good performance and is mainly used in various high-strength and corrosion-resistant parts in the industrial sectors such as shipbuilding, electric power and chemical industry.

In addition to the above, copper also has a lot of uses. The DOING company’s copper wire recycling machine has always been welcomed by the high purity of the separated copper. It can be used for various types of automotive circuit lines, communication cables and wire which the stripping machine could not handle.

DOING’s copper wire recycling machine can completely separate the copper and the plastic, and achieve the comprehensive utilization purpose, has high economic benefits, and has no dust and no secondary pollution.

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